Jan 26, 2011

Can love conquer all?

Love can conquer all?

I know I don’t normally write long blog posts divulging into deep topics, but I don’t always want that to be the case. I don’t want to sit here and bore anyone with stupid things I conjure up to make a post, I want it to be from the heart. And tonight, I really felt like writing. So here it goes.

I am not a fan of the saying “Love can conquer all” whatsoever, but bare with me. It’s one of those nights where I am sitting here and the thought of writing something just came to me. Along with most of America I just watched American Idol, even though I don’t particularly like the show. While sitting here alongside my cousin typing away at twitter and reading through emails, the final five minutes caught my attention.

It was the story about a man who is engaged to a woman who recently suffered a traumatic brain injury. In the short five minute synopsis of their recent lives I sat there on the couch completely in awe of both of these people. The man mentioned has not left the side of his beloved. He cares for her, and helps her reach her goals through her rehabilitation. He went up in front of the judges, and he sang his heart out, and for some reason you could see his love emanating for her. I got choked up.It was a beautiful thing. If you missed it, here is the link Chris Medina.

And then it dawned on me...How often do you see love portrayed in such a way that is completely honest, and done with complete selflessness. Where am i going with this? After watching that and tearing up like a small child, I sat here thinking about the wonders that love can provide. How my life is surrounded by love, and people who share their hearts with me on a daily basis. Love can be a shelter for many, and a backbone to others. It can lift people up, and truly make a difference..

With enough love for our environment we can all start thinking about the changes that need to be made in order to save this earth.With love even the most unsettling times can be tamed, love can be enough to make people have faith and hope. With a little more love people could start seeing each other in a way that is not judgemental and negative.

I’m not trying to sound corny, or say that I love everything or everyone constantly. But what I am getting at is that people have hearts, and hearts come with a purpose. Everything should be done with love and your heart.

When you do things with heart you mean them, you think of others, and you find comfort in the fact that you give all of yourself to better other people.

No one is perfect, and we all have our moments...but i do think with a little more love, this world can make tremendous advances towards the future.

Remember: All it takes is one person to open the door for another, that alone makes me smile.

Do something nice today, and make it meaningful. Life is short, so use your heart and give someone or something a little more love today.

Love can conquer all, and if not all, it can conquer some.


  1. This was very nice, And so true. Thank You!

  2. Wow...this post must be the best thing to come from a viewing of American Idol! Seriously, such true and beautiful words. I especially like that last line.
    Great post!

  3. My good friend, Ibuna sent me a pack of post-its this week. When I opened it, I noticed that she had taken the time to write out inspiring quotes from different authors. On one post it, it said "post these wherever you can."
    And it kind of made me super happy to think that someone else out there thinks the same way as me.
    Yes, all you need is love;)

  4. ;) very lovely. thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a really touching and sweet post! I didn't watch American Idol but I heard about this a little through Twitter and I'm glad I got your summary. I've been asking myself this question a lot lately, as I'm moving into the next phase of my life and relationships will be tried - sometimes it's hard to believe those words, because humans are so, well, human. Anyways, great blog!


  6. “It is not beauty that endears, it's love that makes us see beauty” Leo Tolstoy

    This is such a great post. You are so sweet & so full of love! It emanates through everything you do. One could say that you "secrete love" - although that sounds a bit nasty! Heh! You're awesome. I'm glad we're frienzzz!

  7. Beautiful post! What if we all lived our lives full of love? The world would be such a beautiful place. Idk if your religious or not, but Love is the greatest commandment from God. I believe it conquers all. Just my two cents. :)

  8. i watched that last night too and it was actually the first time i'd ever watched the show. love can be so tough, but i think we'd all be lost without it.

  9. this definitely made me a little teary eyed. xo

  10. Yes yes yes...just beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this.

  11. I randomly found your blog through Sometimes Sweet, and I was very touched by your post. I actually know Chris & Julianna through a mutual friend, and I can honestly say that their love is the real deal. He loves her so selflessly & she is so blessed to have him in her life.


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