Dec 16, 2010

Inspiring People- Audrey Tatou

I think this woman is absolutely fabulous. After watching Amelie for the first time I was blown away by how she captured the role so elegantly. She even made me want to learn French! I love watching her act, and I love her style. Most of you probably know her from Amelie, and Coco before Chanel, but she has been in other movies as well. She has played lead roles in Davinci Code, Dirty Pretty Things, and a Very Long Engagement, to name a few. She is one of my favorites, and I think you should watch her movies, they are brilliant.


  1. great choice. she's a very good actress and so cutesy.

    ooh and that's so awesome that you live close by! this really is a small world. :D

  2. I really like her too, particularly in "Un long dimanche de fiancailles" (don't what's the english title). She gorgeous and talented !


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